Please Note: As I have now retired, I am unable to take any further bookings

Thank you for your kind support over the years, I wish you all the very best.

Sheila Moore - Psychic Artist

Sheila Moore

Psychic Artist, Medium and Healer

Hi, I’m Sheila Moore, a (now retired) Psychic Artist, Spiritual Medium and Reiki Healer.  Unfortunately I can no longer take bookings for private readings or psychic artwork.  

This website has been kept online to display my past artwork, books and articles.  You can still download my free e-book and purchase my books.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you enjoy my artwork and insights.

How Psychic Art Can Help You

Bring Clarity & Insight Into Your Life
Find Direction, Healing and Increased Abundance

Artwork Gallery

My Soul: Enslaved

This is my new book which has been published through WritersWorld, available as an ebook, paperback and hardback through most bookshops, or through this website.

Unlike ‘Unexpected Art’ this was not a project I had planned it came into being after a stranger recognised one of my pictures as William Wilberforce. I knew who he was but not what he looked like. I then realised that a group of pictures I had done referred to 18th/19th century people who had been involved with the abolition of slavery and the research began.

I do not think that I was channelling the people themselves but some other source was impressing the pictures on me. However, in time I started to channel people who had been enslaved and I could feel their feelings which varied from fear, resentment, acceptance and hopelessness.

Psychic Art Readings

As soon as connection occurs I will begin to receive an image of the art-form that is of particular relevance for you. It may contain images of past relatives, a significant place, animals, people, and even at times an image of your spirit guide.

Every detail in your picture will have meaning to provide guidance. And the colours that I will be channelled to use from the spirit world will be a selection of healing colours relevant to what the spirit world feels you need in your life.

While I complete your picture, I will also gain messages from the spirit world whereby they will want to convey meaning to what is in the picture bringing insight, clarity, direction and comfort and joyfulness, as well as to heal.


An Auragraph is a unique picture which is inspired by tuning into your psychic vibration.

There are many elements, shapes and colours within the picture, each of which depicts various aspects of your life.

The picture will also contain relevant messages to guide and help you in whatever way is most appropriate for your journey.

Healing and Trauma Release

Freeing Abuse and Bullying (FAB) is a free service to help anyone suffering from the trauma of abuse.

It includes The 5 Awakenings technique, which is a unique healing process for overcoming childhood trauma, bullying abuse and PTSD.

Tarot and Psychic Art

This is a type of reading which is inspired by the concept of one tarot card, and its number if it has one, to build a unique picture with the necessary inspiration to help you.

The reading includes a detailed interpretation of the picture – though not necessarily the meaning of that particular tarot card – instead it will be what is needed personally to guide you on your particular journey.

Latest Articles

How Psychic Art Can Help You

Bring Clarity & Insight Into Your Life
Find Direction, Healing and Increased Abundance

About Sheila

I’m Sheila Moore, a (now retired) Psychic Artist, Spiritual Medium and Reiki Healer using Colour Therapy to direct healing to people and animals.

I first became interested in spiritual matters in my thirtieth year, when as a driving instructor at that time I began having very persistent dreams.

It was one of my driving pupils who suggested I go along to a Spiritualist church to find answers and that’s just what I did.  For the past 36 years it has become an important part of my life.

My spiritual journey has led me to develop my psychic skills of healing, intuition and by working with my spirit guides to be able to channel messages from the spirit world through my psychic art.

Sheila Moore - Psychic Artist

For many years, I specialised in Psychic Art as it enabled me to channel messages from loved ones and interpret them in a way which helped to gain insight into your current circumstances.

Every one of my psychic art-forms has been unique and individual with its own special message from the spirit world and your psychic guides, bringing direction, healing, increased abundance, clarity and insight to your life.

It has been a pleasure to have been of service to you.

Sheila Moore