Tales of Unexpected Art
and Words of Spirit Wisdom

Sheila Moore

ISBN : 978-1504354080
available from Amazon or Barnes and Noble

A pictorial spiritual journey through time bringing back some old values that could help in our modern world.

Here at last the stories behind all the pictures. Accompanied by many of the words given to me by the Spirit World, published by Balboa which is a branch of Hay House in the U.S. and Amazon.

All the chapters relate to a different picture and they all have a different theme such as Compassion-Forgiveness-Thoughtfulness which have evolved from the wonderful beings who have come forward to have their pictures brought to life.

I asked the Spirit World to give me some words to put in the spiked wheel on the front cover and what they gave me was Lift-Oppression-Venerate-Equality whose first letters spell LOVE.

Tales of Unexpected Art and Words of Spirit Wisdom is available now in paperback or downloadable e-book, from

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Lovely news today from Loretta Newsholme in Brentwood

“I found the book inspirational and it reminded me of spiritual moments I had experienced myself. I had been feeling a bit down and it really gave me a lift and enthusiasm for my own spiritual work.”