Firstly I would again like to thank everyone that has commented, even the ones that told me that my grammer and punctuation were incorrect. I did go back and correct it. I can’t answer questions about the running of the website because I don’t do it, but I believe that things can show up differently in a variety of browsers.
My comments on the colour turquoise are about a psychic art picture I have done recently and how it works for me.
I have been doing telephone readings with a young lady for a couple of years and we had become quite friendly even though we have never met face to face. She recently told me that she had been to a greek island, fallen in love, and was to go back and marry which she is doing. I wanted to do a picture for her as a present, and it stuck in my head that the picture had to be in turquoise. I started to paint a simple picture of a dragonfly over a pond, with some reeds and flowers, using several shades of turquoise,blue and green. When finished I then wrote an interpretation of the picture and the symbology that is there.Turquoise is good for the immune system, and it encourages us to be ourselves and not be too influenced with other peoples ideas.
The keywords for the dragonfly are ‘The Power of Light.’ Their lovely bright colours only develop with maturity which suggests that someone with a dragonfly totem will be at their best as they mature rather than in their early adult life. While studying the symbology of the dragonfly we are encouraged to also study frogs who are their main predators. So, I also put in a section about frogs and apparently, among other things, people with frog totems usually have a strong link with their mothers. My friend’s mother has passed over but they have a strong psychic link with each other;the mother was also an artist. I felt the mother’s presence around me as I was doing the writing which didn’t surprise me as she had come through many times. I was about to wrap the picture in white tissue when I suddenly found some blue tissue exactly the same shade as the turquoise in the picture, so it was wrapped in that and posted off. Next day I received an email from my friend saying that she was so emotional she couldn’t trust herself to speak on the phone. Apparently, her mum’s favourite colour was this turquoise and she always liked to sit by her pond and play with the frogs. So the present from me was actually a present from her mother, produced by me. It has been the loveliest thing I have done recently.

P.S. The symbology I use comes from a lovely book called ‘Animal Speak’ by Ted Andrews and also a pack of cards that I use to do a type of reading.