Further to looking at how colour affects us in our everyday life. Colour healing comes in so many strange ways and is vital to our personal health and emotions. Having spoken about black and brown lets go up to red. The base chakra the seat of our basic human needs. Red is very powerful, the colour of fresh blood is exciting and invigorating it suggests survival and courage. Too much red can encourage anger and isn’t a good colour for people with high blood pressure. It is used considerably in advertising because it attracts our attention quickly. Isn’t it funny how we associate say ‘ a lady in red’ as being exciting but if we are ‘inthe red’ on our bank account thats not so good. Today I am going to add a bit extra because I took part in a great event last week about Global Entrenepeurship. There were many events taking place all over the world and the final party on Friday night in London was real fun .It was good to be with many hopeful people instead of the gloom and doom we get in the media. So lets make this a red letter week and tell ourselves we can make a difference to our lives.