I haven’t written about colour for a while but this year I attended a course called ‘Evolving Chakras In Completeness’ The 5 Awakenings Sequence to Restore The Light of The Soul, which is a product developed by Rena Jackson Guttridge SRN. Rena has studied the energies of healing for many years, and is an expert in energy medicine techniques. Many people studying energy came to realise that there were many more chakras than the main 7 that have been the basis of studies for centuries, and the recent shifts in planetary energies have brought forth in Rena’s words ” a re-developed healing dimension that is significant, functional, compassionate and fulfilling.” She has been working with the 18 Chakras of Completeness and the allied 5 fields of expanded healing for some time now, and also teaches and lectures internationally.

What has this got to do with colour you might say? well of course each of these chakras vibrates to its own colour. Starting at the level of the ankles is a very earth connecting chakra which vibrates to a deep plum coloured magenta, this is not the one that has been referred to as the ‘Earth Star’ this has a different grounding effect and among other things helps progression to the new age.
Pale Blue at the knees, this is a chakra that most healers will feel when doing a treatment but is becoming more prominent bringing grace and self-forgiveness, restoring dignity. The next newly observed chakra is to the right of the body between the base and sacral chakra and vibrates to the colour Coral and is aligned to the Divine Feminine.
Red of course is the Base Chakra and our source of survival among many other things and the Sacral Chakra vibrates to the colour Orange and helps us to deal with life as we step out into the world as an individual. Positioned to the left of our bodies and between the sacral and solar plexus chakras is the Gold Chakra dealing with self worth and personal significance which in a way is a stepping stone between the values of the sacral and solar plexus chakras, the latter dealing with transference of the energy of power from one person to another.

Moving on the the Olive Chakra which sits to the right of the body just below the level of the heart,and supports the energy of the Heart Chakra linking it to the principles of the solar plexus.This colour is aligned to peace and wisdom as per the allegory ‘the Dove and the Olive branch’ The Heart Chakra is of course clear Green which represents balance, harmony and empathy among many other things. I would add here that sometimes the heart chakra shows pink as well if that person has learned a lot about giving unconditional love. The Thymus Chakra, which vibrates to Turquoise has long been acknowledged as the four & half chakra, and since the last century has progressed to being a Major Chakra and represents’The Soundbox of the Energy Body’ and it has been used very successfully in the energy medicine Emotional Release Technique (EFT). This chakra has very strong connections to the immune system and inner strength.

psychic/spiritual art October 2012

We then come to the Throat Chakra which is Clear Blue and deals with our expression of communication, this colour and energy also promotes peace and a channel to the higher levels of communication. It lifts to the Third Eye Chakra which is Indigo, and to the Crown Chakra which is Violet, these chakras are part of the original 7 main chakras and all relate to our more spiritual and intuitive values and principles. Above these chakras vibrates Magenta at The High Crown, this is a much softer magenta colour and I have seen this on some of my colleagues when sitting in Trance Circle. It refers to standing in our own power and having the confidence to project our own unique personna.
Beyond that, research has shown other energy fields in Opalescent Pink and Blue, clear White light followed by Gold light and Platinum.

Rena’s 5 Awakening sequence combines all of these chakras within circles of colour, starting with Azure Blue to define the Heart, Thymus, Throat and Brow chakras, Bronze to define the Olive, Solar Plexus, Gold, Sacral and Coral chakras. Lilac for the Base and chakras at the knees with Magenta forming an oval between the chakra at the ankles and the chakra at High Crown. Finally Platinum encompassing all of them. This healing process is wonderful for trauma release and is recognised byThe Healer Foundation, and The British Complementary Medicine Association, anyone interested in studying this should contact Rena through The Healer Foundation or her website www.chakracompleteness.co.uk

Obviously the course is far more in depth than I have described here, and the principles and ideologies(to quote Rena again) cover all aspects of our lives as human, but also ‘light’ beings. And, although I have now trained as a practitioner of this modality, my interest is more about bringing these colours into the art that I do as a healing concept, and is the reason why I have added pictures to this article. I hope that anyone looking at them can find a sense of peace and healing through it