I have recently read a book called ‘The Healing Secret of The Ages’ by Catherine Ponder. She talks of the areas of the body that hold vital powers of self healing, and in one of the chapters dealing with ‘Imaging’, or ‘Visualisation’, she talks of making a Fortune Wheel. This really relates to the laws of attraction ( we draw to ourselves that which we think about the most, be it good or bad) and the ability to make affirmations and believe them. Her book was written in 1967 and I think nowadays this concept is called a ‘Vision Board’

.However, so many comments have come in about my earlier articles on colour perception, that I thought readers might enjoy the fun of making their own fortune wheel using the specific colours relating to their own personal need. Catherine also states that there can be more than one wheel dealing with different subjects if required.
Make, and cut out, a large circle in card board or poster board. Then from the centre divide it into as many sections as you want. It is better to have more than one wheel if there are quite a few areas that you want to think about. In the centre of your wheel place an image of something relating to your own highest truth or beliefs, as you only want to encourage good things into your life. For instance on my wheel I have an angel and some reiki symbols in the centre.

When you have decided what subject you want to concentrate on, think about which colour represents that. For example, if you want to get a new job in such areas as nursing or teaching, or something in the intellectual field, a darker blue is appropriate as that can represent service to others. You could then attach a picture of someone wearing the uniform or even a picture of the type of building you would like to work in. Maybe you would like to be able to stand up and talk publicly but find it hard, and a shade of turquoise blue would help you to concentrate on your own ideas. Either painting the colour on to the wheel, or using sticky backed coloured paper would do the job.
Another section could relate to bringing more happiness into your life, a nice bright pink or orange would be good for this,then attach some pictures or affirmations about the type of happiness you would like.
If you are wanting to bring more money into your life (and most of us need to) try using the colour Gold, and attach a cheque (or several cheques), made out to yourself, as well as pictures of money. Whatever pictures you use to attract your desires make sure that they are colourful, as your imagination works better with colour.

In the centre where you put your personal spiritual symbols I think it is good to have some shades of purple/amethyst, just as a reminder that you want the protection of all that is good, to help you attract your abundance.When you have made your wheel keep the information to yourself as you do not want other people making negative remarks about it. Every day take your wheel out and concentrate on each section lovingly and in a positive manner, affirming that all those desires will be fulfilled.Visualise all that abundance coming to you and to quote Catherine Ponder “What you can conceive, you can achieve!” and affirm daily “I picture only the best for myself and others.”

Most of all have fun with this and bring positive thoughts into all areas of your life.