We perceive colour in so many different ways for instance we may say ‘It was a black day’ but then we have ‘The Little Black Dress’ and a ‘Black Tie Event’. So what does BLACK mean in colour therapy. BLACK is the colour of protection, discipline and self control. It can be used for protection from negative energy and also for anchoring energy. It can protect us from the effects of pollution and several of the crystals used for diffusing negative energy are black, such as Black Tourmaline (Schorl). Also the black obsidion known as Apache Tear is used to dispel grief. We use Black to show respect when someone passes over and Black to suggest importance in business. So lets give hands up for Black and all the healing energies it holds. So what about Brown. Are you ‘Browned Off’ today. Brown is calming and grounding, it brings a sense of security and can be used for the Earth Star Chakra which is just beneath our feet. We eat chocolate for comfort. We even have cakes called ‘Brownies’ so don’t be ‘Browned Off’ look on the positive side and you day will brighten up.