Over the last few years I have written quite a bit about the psychic pictures that I do, some are portraits and some covering more unusual subjects. In the last year I felt very pushed to turn some of them into a book and the more I researched their subject the more I could see that it had a theme to modern day problems. It started with this picture.The Keeper of TimeThis is part of a picture initially done for a friend as a thank-you for something she had done. The central character was someone important to her, and then I put a green Chinaman in the right-hand corner and didn’t consider him important.
At that time I didn’t know why I wanted to paint him in green it just seemed correct. Green is a colour representing harmony and balance among other things and also the colour relating to the heart Chakra. With hindsight it could be that the energy of this person could be felt in the heart Chakra and he does appear in our trance circle occasionally. However, that is something that has evolved since the painting of the picture.
Returning again to the time of producing the work I was suddenly aware of the words Lui Bang coming into my head so I went and googled them- and- it seems he was a very important man, the first Emperor of the Han dynasty. I later saw in a TV programme that those emperors had themselves buried in a sort of jade overcoat because they believed it made them eternal, and one of the colours of Jade is green. Another very recent discovery again on TV – when a dragon is painted in old Chinese pictures the number of toes denotes the rank of the man, 5 toes represents an Emperor and I had given the dragon 5 toes. It really is fun interpreting these pictures and I would recommend that anyone interested in psychic art should have a go at interpreting what they have drawn and painted not just what appears on the paper. Although this man fought battles he wanted to make things better for the poorer people and it led me on to the sayings of Lao-Tzu which are very wise and beautiful. Green is also a colour used a lot in healing and maybe he wished to ‘heal’ the problems of his people.

As I sat concentrating on different aspects of a chapter I found that thoughts would suddenly come into my mind from seemingly no-where; and they would have a reference to the theme of the chapter. The following words were given as an explanation of the way our minds connect with other thoughts from the past.
As you show an interest in a subject your mind is sending out thoughts. These thoughts are like little dancing sprites that move and service the space around you. As your thoughts expand they are attracted to sprites from the past that are dancing to the same tune, so they combine and dance together, and the more you expand your thoughts the larger the scale of partnership becomes”. I thought that whoever(or whatever) communicated those charming words to me had a sense of humour. The words continue further in the book.

Have a meditation with this picture and just see if you connect with any ‘sprites’ thoughts from the past

Unexpected Art and Words of Spirit Wisdom-by Sheila Moore- Amazon-Barnes and Noble and Balboa Press.