A new style of dance that I have come across really helps clear stress and leaves the participant feeling good. It has been called Transformational Dance and in a way relates back to the theory of Eurythmy formed by the late Rudolph Steiner. We start very slowly to gentle music just letting the body move exactly how it wants and grounding ourselves. We are encouraged to let go of any worries or problems and lose ourselves in the music and movement. Then the beat of the music changes and we move around freely, in any way that we choose as long as we keep to the beat of the music. There is no particular structure to the dance just how each individual wants their body to express how they feel. It does become very energetic but as each person is moving in the manner that they wish there is no need to try more than they can cope with.
As we gradually slow down again we consider what typeof energy, or help, we would like to receive and by keeping hands on the Solar Plexus Chakra feeling the energy entering our bodies. Once we have quitened down we stretch out on the floor for a few moments meditation, thinking about the energies we have asked to receive and re-grounding ourselves. Finally we are asked to select a colour that we would like to be surrounded with on that day and we return to sitting position and then stand up and finish. The whole session takes about an hour but is something that can be done at home, a bit like yoga, but more lively and I think fun.
The music varies from week to week, and it is interesting the different way the body likes to move depending on how the individual feels. It is suitable for all ages male and female, and strangely enough the only person who notices what others are doing is the lady in charge of the session. The participants are so engrossed in their thoughts they don’t see what anyone else is getting up to.