This is an article recently published in Ezine.What I write are observations rather than opinions. Colour therapy is generally taught over a two year period and it does have a considerable scientific background but there are some variations in the meanings of the colours depending on which school you are studying with. SO. Yellow is the colour of sunshine, and therefore something that we naturally assume will do us good. Without sunshine we can develop S.A.D. Seasonal Affective Disorder which can leave us lethargic and depressed. It is also the colour designated to the third chakra, the solar plexus (solar, another word for sun) and as such relates to wisdom, orderliness and self-worth to name but a few points. When visualising this colour think of buttercups or other clear bright flowers. An interesting fact is that within the light spectrum red, green and blue are the primary colours with red and green making yellow, but in pigment, red, yellow and blue are the primaries with blue and yellow making green.
Using colour for health reasons goes back many centuries, ancient egyptians were known to have ‘Colour Rooms’ within their temples and a patient would be diagnosed and then put into a room that reflected the necessary colour from the sun’s rays. The ancients also believed that an illness should be treated by the colour that it manifested, so things like jaundice of the liver and digestive problems relating to yellow bile should be treated with something yellow, maybe a plant, mineral or crystal and of course sunshine. Within modern colour therapy yellow is given the shape of an upward pointing triangle, it has male energy and is believed to encourage detachment which could be useful for anyone trying to release themselves from a difficult situation. Without shape it is said to mean that an anchor is needed, it can also increase the judgemental faculty. Anyone using the triangle shape for self help could place it on a pale mauve background just to balance things out. Pale mauve or amethyst is the complementary colour for yellow.
The solar plexus area (third chakra) is one of the main energy points where we receive and are drained of energy. Everyone knows how tiring it can be when listening to a barrage of complaints, judgements, criticisms and negative emotions, this is because whilst that is going on we are being drained of our energy. Even those of us who are natural givers and rescuers fall prey to this unless we are aware. It is being taken by all those who choose to contact us even unknowingly, and a fun way of dealing with this was suggested in a book called ‘Attenion Seekers,’ it said, “Pretend that your solar plexus is an electric point with a snap lid on it and every time you come into contact with an energy predator, snap that lid shut.” Conversely those who come to us with happiness and good intent bring beneficial energy and a useful exchange can take place, we can leave the lid open.
Looking back at spiritual beliefs on the use of the etheric yellow ray it is always said to enhance wisdom and that means an understanding and acceptance of the orderliness of life. Self control is a very important issue, lack of it can lead us into situations that do us no good and can bring on illness. Over indulgence in food, drink, spending our money, and rushing through life without time to calm the mind and body all contribute to a state of dis-ease. Tolerance is another issue, we must be tolerant of each other if we want to live in harmony. It is also noted within these old laws that we must have sufficient of the material manifestation of this ray which is gold, or real money as we think of it. Apparently it’s no good having wisdom and knowledge without the means to spread it around. The universal source wishes us all to have sufficient abundance for our needs. These are fascinating words channelled long before the Laws Of Attraction became so popular. More advice given at that time was that each morning we should stand in front of an open window and take twenty breaths in and out visualising the incoming air as a flood of yellow light. It is said to be very healing and would bring about an improvement in your circumstances, spiritual and material, so it has to be worth a try.
This area of our physical body contains most of the organs of digestion so if we think of our food as the energy input, it is within this area that it is controlled in an orderly manner and distributed as necessary. So, if all is well and balanced with us everything will proceed as it should but, if we have emotional problems, fears, worries, insecurities and even inherited worries these will cause imbalance and it will manifest in this part of our bodies and we may suffer pain and food intolerance. In this instance put some yellow around either as clothing or room decoration, it’s a small thing but just by acknowledging the need, it can help to calm the mind and bring some therapy to the underlying emotions.
In perfect health there should be an impartial liking for all colours, since only by equal blending of all the colour rays could there be perfect harmony, there would be equal amounts of each colour and its complementary colour.