Most people reading this, who are involved in the world of colour and energy healing, will be aware that various shades of Magenta are becoming more prominent. This frequency contains all elements of the spectrum where it lays beyond violet and before red. It lay hidden until Geothe proposed his ‘Theory Of Colours’ in 1810. He proved that this energetic colour was observable outside the parameters of Sir Isaac Newton’s wave length theory.
Magenta is a mixture of red and violet and it makes sense that it appears well below the base chakra (red) and well above the crown chakra (violet) and in doing so encompasses all that we are energetically. Interpreted by ancient teachings as the 8th chakra, by more modern interpretation it can represent the 1st and the 10th chakra.
Magenta is always about change and these times we are in are certainly changing fast, therefore it symbolises the death of the old order and a newer respect for the sacredness of all life.
For the individual, meditating and visualising the various shades of the colour, helps to bring awareness of the good within the self, and to learn to be totally non-judgemental of the self. There are many times when we are our own worst enemy, worrying, and punishing ourselves for things that we feel we have done wrong. Using this colour (whether it is the deep earth shade, or the much lighter, higher shade) can bring a knowing of being enough, of being complete,that we are sincere in our values.
Dinshah Ghadiali ( Healing With Colour And Light) found the colour very helpful in treating heart and circulatory problems and as a general stimulant which could also provide emotional peace.
In the year 2008 the word ‘Magenta’ kept coming into my head and in my garden there suddenly appeared a poppy in a very deep shade of this colour, almost black but showing pink when it caught the light. I painted a picture of that poppy and I am glad I did because it never appeared again. This year I attended a course about the changing chakras and that colour appeared as the evolving earth chakra around our feet. There is also an aura-soma oil in this colour which looks black but when light is shone on it the deep pink shows.
It fascinated me that this connection should arise in the year 2012 but reminded me that we have to accept the powerful changes that are taking place and look to the future. As 2012 moves to an end let us all value ourselves and every living thing in our world.
Here is one of my pictures that to me represents the joy of innocence. As you look at it please send out a thought of love for the planet, yourself and all life.