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Often a spiritually evolved person will be able to see and feel this colour around them like a vibrant mist which pulsates and actually promotes a feeling of wellbeing, it would certainly show up in their aura. If one is dealing with the seven main chakras purple is the colour that usually represents the crown( colour practitioners use 8 chakras and colours), it is the colour used by religious hierachy and by royalty much of the time, its keyword is dignity and its energy is female. Also, because it is made by mixing red and blue, it will contain positive elements from both of those colours it could be said that the strength of red would enhance the healing and calming aspects of blue. Of course it also has the negative aspects but purple is generally a peaceful colour.

The Ultraviolet Ray has the shortest wavelength, highest frequency and the most energy ( it tans the skin and produces vitaminD in the body), and beyond it are even shorter wavelengths of ultra violet. The superficial layers of the skin and the skull are particularly sensitive to ultraviolet which may be why shades of purple represent the crown chakra. Colour therapists have devised a way of measuring our emotional reaction to colours by giving them shapes and the shape for purple/violet is of five equal sides with a point going downwards. In the unformed state the colour enhances self respect and dignity, in the formed shape it represents the strive toward fulfilment. We will perceive the emotional response to the colour with our creative right side of the brain, and the logical response to the form with the left side, so colour within shape has a more powerful effect particularly from a healing point of view.

Another aspect we are taught in the excellent book ‘The Healing Energies of Colour’ by Theo Gimbel, is that the daily energies ebb and flow, and that there are times when our energies are very active ( and 3pm-9pm) and at other times they are slower. The colour ‘clock’ runs in two hourly blocks within this system. The colour purple is most active between 2am and 4am after that it fades to a lighter violet for 2 hours, then blue etc. each colour will have a correspondence with an organ in the body and therefore whichever colour energy is prominent, that organ will be activated at that time.

When using any colour in healing the complementary colour must be used, and the complementary to purple or violet is yellow. Yellow has the shape of an upward pointing triangle and is masculine energy. Anyone that is just wanting to give a boost to their health by using colour would not be worrying about shapes etc.,but if for instance a room was to be painted in shades of purple it would be good to have some cushions or pictures with a nice bright yellow. Also it should be noted that where there is white in the surroundings, the shade of purple is toned down.