This year, 2020, is seeing the biggest pandemic we have experienced for decades – Covid19. This week in June 2020 we have witnessed an American policeman murdering a black man in full view of cameras. He did this by kneeling on the man’s neck whilst he was on the ground. I watched the video and listened to that poor man pleading that he could not breathe, it was heartbreaking. The cameras’ brought the policeman’s face into full view and he was not concerned that his actions were recorded for the world to see. Other policeman were present and should have stopped this. I made myself watch this video because I could not believe that those policemen were allowing this to happen. I do not believe that all American policemen are as heartless as this, but those on that film for the world to see – are.
Support for this poor man, George Floyd, has overridden fears of the Covid19 Pandemic. It has ignited a situation where millions of people who feel that their lives do not matter, are undervalued and ill-used, are taking to the streets around America and other countries. Many white people are also willing to support them (there are a couple of video clips showing white women phoning the police who clearly are not supportive, and fortunately we are told that the police did not react to their claims). There is always a small minority (white/black/whatever) in any situation like this that will stoop to looting and damaging things, but the vast majority are decent people that care about life whatever colour of skin. Further information tells us that George Floyd has a criminal background but that is not the point as he was already in handcuffs and the policeman’s actions were clearly deliberate.

Now I notice many other white/black encounters are being brought to public notice both in America and Britain, particularly with the online news. The majority do not show the complete event in the manner that George Floyd’s case does, which makes it unfair to comment. However, through news interviews, we are being made aware of the fears of British ethnic minorities. Some people will point to the criminal aspect, but criminals come in all colours and nationalities.

A vast number of white Americans have ancestry that goes back to European emigrants from the last 400 years, including many from the United Kingdom, my home country. Many of those emigrants were involved in the Slave Trade, and because of slavery African-Americans came into being. America was not a ‘white’ country it had many indigenous tribes who were overrun by the European and British newcomers: who thought that because their skin was white they were somehow superior.
I was born during World War11 and during my early years, we were struggling with rebuilding – having enough money for food and clothes: so people were not aware of slavery unless they were teachers, or politicians dealing with the aftermath of colonialism. As technology has progressed, and the world has opened up visually, we have been able to question how various situations came about, and forced to face the unsavoury actions of our ancestors.
Obviously, slavery has always existed and still does, all around the world: but I found myself involved in the history of it, and my research through the last 4 years changed my beliefs and values.

I am a Spiritual medium and much of my work is done through art – Psychic/Spiritual art. Although I do readings for people in other ways as well, most of what I have done for the past 45 years has involved art. I will feel inspired to draw a portrait and often whilst I am drawing information will come into my mind about the portrait. I may be given a name or a time frame or sometimes a place, and I can then research the person I have drawn and have some idea why they have appeared to me.

First of all, I found myself drawing people of the 18th-19th centuries who all turned out to be abolitionists. Then came the slaves – I physically felt their pain – fear – resentment – and despondency. I also, in some cases, received contact with the Slavers, the Traders in human life and I felt their arrogance and disdain. The slaves who made contact with me were not just African: they were Polynesian – Malagasy – Indian for example. I also had reason to research Islamic slavery and the Barbary Slave trade, which involved enslaving white people (many British). We are all the product of our cultural ancestors’ greed and cruelty, we should have learned how to respect each others’ right to life. I produced a book which I have called – My Soul: Enslaved. It was published just before Christmas 2019. I used that title because I had been so emotionally affected by the cruelty, wickedness, and complete disregard for life that I found in my research. We still condone some forms of slavery, we still consider the lives of some of less value. How can we stop that if those in authority considered some nationalities of less value than others?

We, of all nationalities colours and creeds, who are in the timeframe of travel to the moon and possibly further, must learn to respect each other or we will tear our civilisation apart.

My Soul: Enslaved