Green is such an emotive word, it’s political, it can suggest we are very new to something, it describes envy and jealousy(the green-eyed monster), yet Tom Jones sung of ‘The Green,Green Grass of Home’ so it has many connotations. Green is also the colour for the heart chakra, which is the fourth main one, and is the area we experience love, compassion, and forgiveness.On a spiritual level it is where we learn about unconditional love which is a difficult lesson in life. It’s very hard to love someone or something very much and see them walk away or perhaps not return that love.
The colour experts, who devised the method of giving shape to colours for healing purposes, gave green the circle. Pressure is equal from any direction and the main keywords for green are balance, stability, understanding and forgiveness. No matter who we are there are always issues that we feel unhappy about and that we punish ourselves for, sometimes worrying until we become ill. This is where forgiving oneself comes in, just as much as forgiving another person who may have hurt us.Holding on to painful memories or perceived wrongs does no one any good and is stressful. Taking a walk somewhere fresh and green can help to calm that stress, even performers have a ‘Green Room’ where they can calm themselves prior to going on stage. So green can bring some harmony into life and is a very useful colour for healing.
Many companies selling bottled water will use green glass bottles and here is a useful tip for self help. Solarised water is one of the ways of absorbing colour, when your green bottle is empty fill it up again with drinking water and leave it within the rays of the sun for an hour or two and you have your green solarised water.