I can still remember the day when the news of Freddie Mercury’s death came out and how sad I felt, so I have used his song title to express a feeling about present day problems, and what I have learned through my psychic art recently.
In the last couple of years I have been receiving pictures of people from many different periods of time, and because they have given me some information about themselves I have been able to look them up on the internet. For example, within an inspirational picture for a friend I painted a man from China, he called himself Lui Pang, I looked on the internet and it went straight to Lui Bang, sometimes known as Lui Pang first emperor of the Han Dynasty. It gave information about his life, and how he came to be emperor fighting for a fairer life for the peasants and poorer people, and apparently some of the decisions he put into place are still part of Chinese culture today. So I could not have known that without being given his name, he was real not a fantasy. My Indian Chief Little Wound, that is not a name I would think of my self and yet he was a real person.


There has also been the artist Juan de Segovia who I have written about already, and very recently I have had a contact from the times of the Cathars who has given me information that I have been able to verify through the internet. This brought back a memory of a strange event, when I was receiving a Reiki treatment about 4 years ago, although I was laying on a massage table I felt that I was a young girl laying on a stone slab, in a castle, and a man in armour was about to put me to death for heresy and using herbal medicine, and in walked a sort of priest that I recognised because I had drawn a picture of him in 2007, and he said ” now I have you.” All the time I was also aware that I was in a 21st century room with friends- very strange.
I will say at this point I do not see myself as belonging to any set religion, I see God as Universal answering to whatever name a particular group of people choose to call him, a force for good, a higher consciousness available to all who support love and compassion for all life. I think reincarnation is a possibility but don’t give it a lot of thought.
One of the things that comes through with all these paintings and the research is the manner in which people treat each other, the cruelty that has gone on in the name of religion, and it seems to me that our basic pattern of living doesn’t change, the powerful suppress the weaker or those that happen to disagree with them.

I was born during the second world war and after that everyone vowed that never again would we let that happen, my children grew up in a relatively peaceful time and became decent human beings, they now have brought their children up in a similar way except that there is now a level of fear and caution (my children walked to school, my grandchildren were taken by car until much older). This week the sad pictures have come out about the Syrian children that have drowned and our hearts go out to them all, all decent people are horrified by the people smugglers. I feel that my artwork, and mediumship also, are showing me that humanity has not changed; we still try and force beliefs upon people and there is a force of evil that tortures, destroys habitat, hunts animals to extinction for fun and money, and has lost all sense of compassion for their fellow men and women.

Because we now have such amazing technology we can see what happens to each other more or less as it happens, and what has happened in the past, and it is time that a more global pattern of sharing evolved. Maybe it is through songs, poetry, and art that people can be made to think more deeply about life and caring. Several years ago I was inspired by a beautiful picture of the world taken from space that I found in an American magazine, and I painted a picture called ‘Earthshare’ where I tried to show different attitudes to various things depending on the circumstances of a group of people. Thoughts are a form of energy and can have an effect, if enough people sent out a thought for peace and hope for all those fleeing war and suppression maybe we can make a change. So I would ask anyone that has read this far down the article, think about peace, compassion and healing of attitudes to all living things, for the children of the future that they have a life that is really good not just a fantasy, thought costs nothing but can move mountains-first is thought then action.