Learning Through Psychic Art

When I first started doing psychic art drawings many years ago I realised that I often drew the same face more than once. When I questioned this I was told that there are some souls or energies that like having a drawing done in the manner they see themselves, they will present themselves to an artist on several occasions simply because they want to. There are also those that are desperate to make a contact and keep trying sometimes using more than one artist.

As explained in my last article I am now receiving impressions from a 15th century artist called Juan Rodriguez de Segovia and I know when he is guiding me because I draw things differently. In a drawing done just after christmas I was impressed to draw a pirate, or that is what he seems to me, and the words impressed upon me were ‘Barbary Coast and Cordoba.’ The energy coming from this picture seems harsh, and he is not a particularly nice character, so I can only assume that he wanted his picture done out of vanity.I cannot imagine that I know anyone who would accept a pirate as an ancester but it may be that he has connections with Spain.

However, because I was puzzled with this picture I starting researching pirates and spent several hours learning about europeans being taken and sold as slaves, apparently from as far up as Iceland. This was a interesting history lesson for me,so it is possible that there is someone out there who had family members that were connected to this man, I would put him as 18th or 19 century.

The Pirate
The Pirate

Here he is, if anyone gets any psychic impressions from him do please let me know.