Further to my comments about the colour red, I have been reading a brilliant book covering all sorts of reasons why we become ill in different areas of our bodies. All types of complementary therapies take a holistic approach, in that the whole body needs to be healed, not just one area.This book ‘Attention Seekers’ by Amanda Mansell explores the chakras through their colours and what it can mean. So red is the base chakra, it is how we come into the world andrelate to our surroundings. We need to be part of a ‘tribe’ ( her words referring to our nationality and families). We have to conform because we are too small to do otherwise, we need safety and we need to develop grounding. Then as we grow we belong to other ‘tribes’ such as brownies or scouts and we wear clothes to match. Then comes the teenage years and of course we have to fit in with our peers, more tribes. This book is such fun. So RED is the base colour. To really dislike red you may have severe blockages in your base chakra that go right back to childhood and how you feel about your own security and your position among your peers also a lot of anger that is not expressed. So if you are attracted to the deeper shades of red rather than the bright tomato red ask yourself if you are cross with someone, it might even be anger against yourself, bring it out and deal with it you could feel a lot better.