First of all thank you again to everyone that has posted a comment. If your comment has not appeared it may be because there are many with the same wording, and we are not sure whether they are spam. Also this is a site dedicated to spiritual healing in some form or the other and we are not always sure where the comments have come from. We seem to have got caught up with a group of people discussing films of various sorts which obviously has nothing to do with our concept.
However, everything is read and again thanks for taking the trouble to post your thoughts.
Has anyone made themselves a Colour Fortune Wheel yet? I look at mine every day or two and send the thoughts out to the laws of attraction.
You can find me as @SheenaM on twitter although I don’t have much time to tweet, and as Sheila Moore Kings Lynn Norfolk UK on Facebook although once again I don’t put a lot on there as there is not time.
As far as the blog is concerned, I just write it up on the WordPress Dashboard and it goes out, so I am not aware how it looks in the various blogging sites. As I have said before the website is maintained by P.C.S.Websites in the UK. There is a newsletter that I do monthly but to receive that you will have to email me personally on because that goes out under a different system. We may add it to this site but that needs thinking about. Any email addresses you give me through wordpress do not work if I try to email back, so the only way I can answer queries is by posting comments like this, or putting a reply comment after yours.
Thanks also to those that have invited me to comment on their websites, it is lovely to be invited but I just don’t have time as I am either writing or working as a telephone medium.
I believe that we have added free Angel Card Readings to the main site, these are not done by myself but I thought it would be a bit of fun for people.
I hope this has answered the queries up to date and that the site continues to be helpful to readers.