Just a little update on some of the things that have been asked of me. Firstly, when I try and answer email addresses you give me it always seems to come back undelivered. I don’t mind if anyone chooses to add some of these blogs to their web pages as long as there is a link to mine. As for hackers I did recently receive a comment that someone had hacked into my wordpress and that they were a ‘nice’ person and were just showing me what could happen. I took their advice and changed my passwords and it made me wonder if wordpress is that easy to hack into. Yes, I do dodge around subjects a bit in some of the blogs, I am mainly making observations from the many books and articles I read. People do have different views on the meaning of colours, but from the colour therapy point of view most of them are reasonably similar.Its good to see different viewpoints come through in the comments thats what moves life along.
Someone has asked about my website hosting, it is done through 1&1 and there is a link to them on one of my pages. I do go and look at your websites but mainly they are in languages I can’t understand, I shall have to set up a google translater won’t I. Keep Well everyone I hope I have covered a few more of your queries. Sheila