Having discussed the Sacral chakra and the colour Orange I am going to add a bit to that.The sacral chakra being the area where we learn to stand on our own feet and form our own relationships apart from family. It is about how we learn to trust those that come into our lives, we make inevitable mistakes of course that is what learning is all about. So I wonder if we can call Orange a colour of trust- that’s open to discussion. If I put on my orange shoes am I telling people that I can be trusted? I am reminded that in the sixties and seventies conference halls, doctors surgeries and many public places had orange chairs.So, I read that if there are problems within the second chakra (sacral) the universe will dish out some hard lessons and from my experience it generally does, so I have some orange colour around me most of the time even if it is only a tiny thing. If there are some young people reading this I would like to say to you, NEVER assume that you can only learn and gain qualifications by going to college or university straight from school. If you are struggling to get a place or the funding for it DON’T give up. Do something for a while and come back to it. If you are determined enough learning is always available throughout your life. Think Orange.