Orange is a happy colour,a mixture of red and yellow.Colour therapist work with colours in specific shapes and the shape for orange is a rather elongated diamond. If the colour is viewed as just a splurge we will connect our right side of the brain which is the emotional and creative side. If the colour is presented in its shape the logical left brain clicks in as well and we view it in a balanced manner, needed for colour therapy. The energy of colour is either male or female and the three lower chakra colours ( red,orange and yellow) are considered to have male energy. Orange brings joy in dance and movement and is very uplifting. It can help you to deal with shock or outrage. It relates to the second chakra which deals with how we cope with the material world, how we empower ourselves outwardly. We may no longer have the protection of our family or ‘tribe’, we are growing up and have to deal with all that involves. The second chakra is around the area of the belly button and any health issues that have built up because of unresolved problems could manifest in this area. For instance lower back pain can relate to money problems, low self esteem can show as problems in the reproductive area. I looked for expressions that referred to the negative side of orange and I couldn’t think of anything that used the word. However, we do refer to ‘feeling gutted’ when deeply disappointed and we do ‘vent our spleen’ when cross. These are second chakra issues and therefore in the realms of colour orange. So ladies can slip on an orange scarf or jumper to help themselves feel better but what can the fellas do? One suggestion was an orange tee shirt just showing under a blue open necked shirt. Blue is the complementary colour to orange and within colour therapy when one colour is used on a patient the complementary must be used as well for balance. Another interesting remark that I read about orange was that it features quite a lot in the flags etc of nations that are re-aligning their positions I am going to have a look at that.
P.S I don’t think that I mentioned that the shape for the colour red is a square it is very logical and has male energy.