As some of you have asked me questions I thought I would try and answer so it is easily visible. As far as the website is concerned it was put together under the instruction of a business mentor, and although it has all my content the construction is done by PCS Websites and there is a point at the bottom of the first page that you can click on if you want to ask a question about the construction. Someone has mentioned music, I don’t know what that is I have’nt put any music on there, just talking. We are going to put more pictures in very shortly. There have been one or two comments asking what my point is, I am working up the chakras and their colours and effects that they have on health. Sometimes I deviate to another subject but that is mainly what I am doing. The information comes from many books that I have about colour, and the courses that I have been on. The most up to date book is The Healing Energies of Colour by Theo Gimbel and it is brilliant. All the various authors have slightly different ways of explaining things, and there is the spiritual and healing format, and the artistic format and they do differ. I am trying to combine all the different view points in an entertaining way and I am really glad it is helping some people, I am also very grateful for all the feedback. I had no idea that it would be so popular so thank you to everyone, there have been a couple of people that felt I wrote in a manner that made people look stupid, I certainly don’t think anyone is stupid and of course we all have different view points it would be very boring if we didn’t wouldn’t it. Anyway goodwishes to you all I hope you keep enjoying what I write.