A new book has come out this year called ‘The Science Delusion’ Freeing The Spirit Of Enquiry. by Rupert Sheldrake who is an eminent biologist. I have enjoyed reading and owning this book, as I have several other books by Rupert Sheldrake and always find them interesting, and written in a manner that can be understood by those not involved in scientific fields.
His hypothesis is that within the universe there are fields of intelligence that have accrued through time, and through which we can learn habits and skills, and in turn add our own knowledge for future generations. He calls it Morphic Resonance and every species and plant resonates with its own field.
There are other scientists (known as materialists) who totally disagree and state “Morphic Fields are not material therefore they don’t exist.” There is not much spirit of enquiry in that remark is there?
Reiki (a Japanese word meaning ‘Universal Life Energy’) is a very popular form of energy healing that started in Japan about 150 years ago by a Dr Mikao Usui. It is said that he found ancient writings regarding this and was able to reinstate this form of healing. There are several different types of Reiki now but I have been attuned to the Usui Reiki over the last five years; this has been a wonderful and life changing experience. Reiki operates through the mental intention of the practitioner using a set of symbols which each carry a specific energy and can be felt as tingling/heat/or sometimes coldness in their hands. The student practitioner studies, and is attuned by a Master/Teacher through several levels over a period of time, and although it is very nice to do this face to face it can be done from a distance by the mental intention. In the same way a healing session can take place actually hands-on or by intent from the practitioner at a distance. It is called ‘Distance Healing’ and there is plenty written to support its benefits. So is this Morphic Resonance?
Research into what happens when people practice Reiki and similar therapies found that not only do the brainwave patterns of practitioner and patient become synchronised in the alpha state, characteristic of deep relaxation and meditation, but they pulse in unison with the earth’s magnetic field. This is known as the Schuman Resonance. A very good article on this subject can be found at www.reikiteachings.co.uk entitled ‘The Science Behind Reiki’ by Tamisha Sabrina.
Reiki itself is not allied to any religious belief system and therefore is suitable for people from any background, nor can it do any harm, it is beneficial to both the giver and receiver as it links through the energy field.
A material scientist would say that Reiki is not material therefore it does not exist, but it has been proven scientifically that it can be measured, so it must exist and the practitioner is linking by their mental intent with an energy force that is anywhere and everywhere and responds to that intent.
Another interesting book on these subjects is ‘The Akashic Experience’ Science And The Cosmic Energy Field by Ervin Laszlo. In which a number of people with extensive experience in their specific scientific fields discuss their own paranormal experiences; they summarise with the view that there is a field of living intelligence which they have named ‘The Akashic Field’. One scientist educated at Oxford University UK stated that her paranormal experiences could not be discussed in the world of academia. Why not?
It seems that there is this living intelligence that can be tapped into whether you call it Morphic Resonance or Akashic Field or even the Collective Unconsciousness going back to Jung. I am fascinated by quantum physics and cosmology but I also am involved in the world of energy healing, complementary therapies and also psychic phenomena. Materialists deride those who work in these fields and call them ‘fraudsters and charlatans’, most of the people I know that are involved in the various forms of psychic work are ordinary caring people who share their gifts, and talents, for very little money because they want to. There are always some people who will take advantage of others in every walk of life, I would like to promote an open mind, and certainly recommend reading the books of Ervin Laszlo and Rupert Sheldrake on this particular subject.
The idea of a healing sequence initially called ‘Magenta Therapy’ started because the colour Magenta relates to change, and new earth energies were observed around the start of the new Millenium. The has now evolved into the Healer Foundations sequence called Freedom from Abuse and Bullying.