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OK lets talk about Indigo(a very dark blue), the colour usually attributed to the brow chakra, which is the 6th chakra sometimes known as the third eye. It is through this area that we develop intuition and also where we can learn and grow spiritually. It is the chakra that healers use to project healing and colour, and also promote visualisation.
Indigo gives us a sense of space and peace, and where the lighter blues encourage communication between people Indigo helps us to listen to our own thoughts; allowing for that moment of intuition, that ‘bolt out of the blue’.
Using and visualising the Indigo colour helps to bring relaxation almost to a point of sedation, and it is known to have pain releasing qualities. A good way to experience this is to sit, or stand, outside on a clear night with no artificial lighting; the sensation of being part of a huge silent expanse of space can be both uplifting and peaceful, bringing the awareness that our bodies respond to energies that are powerful although unheard and unseen.
Use this colour when your mind is disturbed and solutions to problems are needed. Some crystals that have this colour are sodalite and lapis lazuli and can be very useful in promoting new ideas and concepts. Dark blues in any shape or form are not ideal for anyone with a depressive or melancholic nature.