As I have been talking about the different perceptions of colour, I thought that I would share a rather magical occurance with everyone.Of course we have snow here in the UK at the moment and us brits are not too used to it. Saturday morning I looked out of my little workroom window and against the snow background was a flock of goldfinches eating seeds from the shrubs. I watched for about 5 minutes, they have black caps with a red front to the head and brilliant yellow and black wings. Well, yellow and red make orange don’t they, so I really felt joy watching those little birds. I then looked up the meaning of goldfinches in my animal speak (Ted Andrews) book and they mean that I should expect a mixture of activities with a variety of people and cultures. They also suggest contact between different dimensions, and black caps on birds means raising thoughts to the higher self. So, that was a very beautiful little message for me.To top it all I read that they usually use thistles to make their nests and I had just taken out of a drawer a limited edition picture of scottish thistles. Always be aware of the messages from nature you never know how they may help. May I wish everyone a very happy christmas.