Tarot and Psychic Art

Animal Totem Reading
Animal Totem Reading

All the images used on the many types of tarot cards are a form of psychic or spiritual art, whether they are Mythology, Angels. Animals etc.  They are all done under inspiration however they are artistically represented.

Although the next picture is not from the tarot it is full of Chinese mythology representing one of the eight immortals and the magic peaches representing long life and peace.

I have just started to do a new type of reading in which I am inspired to take the concept of one tarot card and its number if it has one and build my own picture with the inspiration needed for my personal client.

There follows a detailed interpretation of the picture but it will not be the meaning of that particular tarot card, it will be what is needed personally for my client.

Chinese Immortal
Golden Unicorn
Unicorns are very popular totems

This is a picture I have done to sell at Mind Body Soul shows but is a good example.

Unicorns always tend to represent the spiritual and here we have a golden on e with her foal.

Motherhood and nurturing are a strong concept in this picture, the gold colour indicating wisdom and that the mother has passed on her wisdom to her baby.

The foal is investigating an insect on the wall and has courage and curiosity, and feels safe next to her mother. This could imply that a client had a good grounding and could step out into the world with confidence.

The flowers growing on the walls are a pink colour, pink being the colour of compassion it would say that my client was a caring compassionate person and also that they had many attributes that were ready to blossom if they had not already.

The blue background could represent truth, communication and the fact that my client valued honesty and could be trusted.

We are looking at them through a sort of window as if looking into the soul.

This is the most recent picture I have done for a client. She was feeling lost, and the picture suggests the Hanged Man who is upside down considering what his next pathway will be with options or pathways using the wisdom he has already gained.

Obviously the interpretation is very lengthy and is personal to her.

There is detail to be interpreted in every image in the picture which is of course using symbolism.

Each picture is individual to the person requiring it and would bear no resemblance to any that had been done before.

These pictures are £80.00. Please state that it is this type of picture required.

Hanged Man