Having worked with art as a form of mediumship for more than 40 years now, I sometimes am asked why I do it. I am not a trained artist but it has always been a hobby particularly portraiture. My spiritual life kicked off when I had a series of precognitive dreams that gradually became more serious and I had to do something about it, so a friend at that time took me along to a spiritualist church to see if they could explain things to me. They did explain, gave me help and support, and in doing this discovered that I liked to draw people. The church president was himself quite a good landscape artist and he gave me many opportunities to try out what was called ‘psychic art’.

If I am being honest I treated it all as a bit of fun at the time. it has only been in later years that I realised how much it can mean to people to have a picture that has been done just for them, and represents something or someone that is for them alone.
Many times when I do a picture I am given words as well, these words may come at the time or a few days later.
All through the centuries people have been inspired to express their spiritual beliefs through art, whatever the belief might be, and others looking at those pictures may well be affected and moved by the colours or expression in the work the artist has been inspired to do. There is no right or wrong way to do psychic art, much depends on the contacts that work through the medium. If they, themselves, have been an artist it is likely that there will be a more artistically correct portrait, but on the other hand art can be however it is perceived. What is a bit more important is the artists ability to receive the message that is coming through.
Paul.This picture represents a young man who passed over with a type of cancer, very young, he conveyed great strength of character to me and concern for his family particularly his mother, he is pictured with his star sign. Several days after finishing his picture, I answered a phone call for a reading, and it turned out that it was his mother, and I was able to give her comfort and proof that he had contacted me. Several years later at a public meeting I was thanked by him through another medium, who knew nothing about this picture, or of my reading with his mother.

In 2007 I suddenly found myself in a position to study colour and its effects on people in a more serious manner and to apply it as a healing tool, hence many of the pictures on my website. I have also been interested in various types of complementary healing methods for many years and the idea of adding colour healing through art appealed to me in many ways. Colour therapy works very well with most other types of healing and can do no harm, understanding how colour affects our bodies and our minds is a useful thing for anyone to know.
Recently I attended a course at The Arthur Findley College in Stansted Essex UK (this is a college of psychic sciences), that dealt with mediumship through creative arts, which covered many types or work not just art. Sensing colour whilst blindfolded was particularly interesting, and discussing how that colour would be applied whilst still blindfolded stretched the mind and intuitive ability. It also taught me how a simple picture can be used to help someone deal with things that they might find it hard to express any other way. I would stress at this point that this is not fortune telling we are not looking into a person’s future, we are looking to help them deal with life as it is.

The psychic artist will also receive pictures of those energies that we call guides and helpers, and once again I will use an example.

This is also a helper with my healer friend, he also comes from 18th century and was a scientist rather than a medical Dr
This is also a helper with my healer friend, he also comes from 18th century and was a scientist rather than a medical Dr
This person has been seen by patients of my friend whilst they have been receiving healing from him, sometimes when that healing is done from a distance. In this case it gives the recipient of the healing confidence that they have a good connection with their healer; even though he may be some distance away, and also that this helper was able to project himself for me to draw when my only contact with these people is over the internet. Obviously it gives me enormous pleasure when I find that the people that have come through to me are seen and recognised by others and I know that I have been able to help, but also that like minded people can be connected by thought regardless of where they are. This is something that psychic/spiritual art can do which cannot be disregarded.

Whilst at the Arthur Findley College I watched a very talented lady called Lynn Cottrell produce several portraits whilst in trance with her eyes closed, she used both hands at the same time and those hands moved amazingly fast.Another medium gave messages whilst this was taking place and it was fascinating to watch, Lynn had complete trust in those that work with her. As yet, I have to say that I cannot do that, I probably like to have too much control over my pictures; there are several different ways of producing psychic/spiritual art each suited to the individual artist/medium but always the chance to try something different.

There are also the spiritual pictures called ‘Auragraphs’ which are interpretations of the energies within someone’s aura at a particular time and can tell a story or give a reading about events that are concerning that person.I am going to end with a picture called ‘Enchanted Wood’ which relates to some music I was listening to, which had been composed by a young man that I had met at a Mind Body Soul Day, to go with a meditation he had also produced.Enchanted Wood