First of all can I say thankyou to all who have emailed me with comments. One person has asked why I write what I do, most of it is relevant to my life as a medium and psychic artist. Also because I am interested in any type of healing therapy I read and comment on things that I have found interesting. Much of what I have written is also published as articles within Ezine
Today’s title I have stolen from the television programme I watched, it was a Horizon programme on UK tv and it was thought provoking.
It featuredthe progress of particles science up to date and the views of various scientists on their finds. A particle is defined as ‘a discrete quantity of matter that has an interface with the surrounding environment’ and many of the tests take place within a large instrument known as a ‘Collider’ or ‘Accelorater’. The Tevatron Accelorater is situated in Illinois and apparently is reaching the end of its life span, and the brand new one we have all been hearing about is the Hadron Collider near Geneva. These huge instruments cause particles to collide at enormous speed to see what the effect is. Its seems that the effect is that they explode into even smaller particles which have strange names like ‘neutrinos’ which are baby neutrons, and Quarks, which are groups of tiny particles. That proves scientists have a sense of humour.
There is quite a variety of theories among the scientists involved in these studies, although all agree that the universe and maybe beyond, is a mass of moving energy of some sort. One interesting theory as far as spiritual people are concerned is that, as individuals, we are made up of various particles of matter, and that there could be many of each of us, in different parts of the universe doing different things. Could this be an explanation for apparent past life experiences? Or, could it be one of the reasons behind the Laws of Attraction? fascinating isn’t it. It would be interesting to ask that particular scientists what his views on
spirituality were.
Back in the 1900s Albert Einstein stated that the quantum of energy emitted by an atom continues to exist as a concentrated packet of energy. The Quantum Theory. He is also quoted as saying that reality is merely an illusion albeit a very persistent one. He must have had a mystical side to him to even think like that.
Words channelled in the 1990s pose the question “Do we often fail to realise that the lives we live are full of false images where we have become so used to looking at, and seeing, the human side of ourselves that we miss seeing and enjoying our spiritual self?” When we are born our spirit animated us, but by focusing continuously on our human ego body-mind we have lost our touch with reality. Often in meditation people discover another reality, the reality of peace that lives within us all. We have been indoctrinated over the years that to contact the spirit world is wrong; how about when they contact us? Many people experience phenomena that is not of this world and there is not a rational explanation,but is it their reality. This is such an exciting subject to investigate, perhaps we will never know what reality is and maybe it would be spoilt if we found out.