As I have explained on my website psychic art is a form of mediumship, and is one of the things I do. The artist receives either a picture in the mind and draws it, or an outer source guides the hand to make the correct image; this is usually a face or sometimes a pet animal. Most of the time I know what I am drawing although I may not know whether the person is male or female until the end. Occasionally I do a cartoon picture and in that case my hand is guided very quickly over the paper, although the drawing is usually recognisable.
Whilst drawing the picture the medium generally receives information regarding the image (such as names or relevant dates etc).
I have come to realise that in these times of international contact the people I draw do not necessarily relate to theUnited Kingdom, but could come from anywhere in the world and might wish to be recognised, if possible. Therefore, I will now and again do an article with any pictures that I have received relevant to this.webindian

This gentleman is connected to Bangladesh, he passed over aged 30/40 years because of accidental circumstances. I think that he worked in healthcare as he is wearing a Vnecked garment which I saw was coloured green.He was very well educated and liked sport, and had returned to his home country for family issues.

My second gentleman is connected to South Africa, I didn’t get much information with him. the garment he is wearing is white and he was known as ‘Padre’ the number 42 also came up.ebafrican
If anyone can place these gentlemen please leave a comment as these psychic pictures always come through for a reason, whoever the artist is, even if it is only for a level of comfort for someone, somewhere. Thank you.

P.S. My apologies for the rather strange format of this, I have a bit of learning to do about that.