In my previous post about psychic art I explained that sometimes the same person is portrayed more than once particularly if they are trying to make contact with someone.This time both these pictures came through on the same evening and they are of different girls who may not even know each other.Something has sent these images to me for a reason, I believe that these girls are both still alive but each in their own way needs help and love. I forwarded the pictures to a medium friend ( Rev. Malcom Rooke) and he picked up many details for me about these girls, anyone interested in reading more can find those details in his newsletter for December through his website;

Now I have something unusual to write about. On the 30th Nov 2013 whilst doing some art work for a friend, I found myself doing the following portrait of a good looking young man. I was not given any information and hoped that she would be able to recognise him. On looking at the news today I can see that I have drawn a picture of Paul Walker the unfortunate film star who was killed in a car accident this weekend. Whilst I have not given him much facial hair the actual way his hair is shown is exactly the same as one of the pictures of him. He is a very beautiful person and I felt that the picture is a way of honouring him.