A couple of weeks ago I was taking part in a local art exhibition and had opened my home to those that were interested. It had been suggested by the organisers that the artists should be actually working so that visitors could discuss it with them. I had been painting christmas cards and then felt very strongly that I should paint a Cardinal (priest). This was strange to me because I am not of the faith that is represented by Cardinals but the feeling was very strong. I had one or two efforts in pencil and pastel then thought No, it has to be acrylic or oils.

I then set about painting a picture, and as I painted it I thought that is was not turning out at all how I wanted it to, I had intended to paint an older man with a european appearance and my picture looked like a portuguese or spanish person.Still thinking that I was just painting to amuse myself, I painted spectacles on him and the suggestion of an archway or ornamental brickwork behind him.

Just as I was going to bed I felt a burst of energy from the picture, so after looking at it for a moment I asked who it was and immediately words came into my mind “Juan” and then “Pedro”. Again I asked if I could be given more information and the word “Rodriguez” came into my head. Next morning I was straight on the computer and after some time discovered that in 1484 an artist called Juan Rodriguez de Segovia known as ‘Maestro de los Luna’ painted a Cardinal whose name was Pedro Gonzalez de Mendoza. Although I had painted a modern style Cardinal and given him spectacles, the face shape and skin colour were the same, and typical of religious paintings he was in his church or cathedral.
his eminence

I do know how I had attracted something like that, because I had been reading a book called ‘Entering The Castle’ by Caroline Myss, which is a spiritual book based on the writings and beliefs of Teresa of Avila a 16th century nun.However that thought didn’t occur to me for a few days, and as yet I haven’t worked out whether it was the energy of the artist I was picking up or the Cardinal (I felt very strongly that I had to refer to him as’His Eminence’), whichever it is the experience was fascinating.