I have recently spent a wonderful week at the Arthur Findlay College of Spiritual and Psychic Sciences, studying all aspects of spiritual art. This is an international college and attracts people from all over the world, which is a really exciting prospect as it allows a greater variety of nationalities and cultures to be represented in the various fields of study.
I found it to be one of the most interesting weeks I have spent in my life and made several friends to keep in touch with. My favourite aspect of psychic art is, without doubt, the portraits of people wanting to contact their loved ones and that does not always mean that the person in the portrait has passed to the spirit world, it may mean that they have something they want to bring attention too, and have found a way of projecting their image to the artist.

However, I am going to show two pictures that I believe are of the same young man, one done at home earlier in the month and one done whilst at the college. As he has attracted my attention twice I feel that he really wants to talk to someone. I thought I knew who that was but I may be wrong on that ,so I am putting him out to a wider audience.
When I connected with him I felt that he was a very fit and energetic man probably has been in armed forces somewhere. He was very keen on extreme outdoor sport and may well have had an accident in that manner. My first picture showed him wearing a martial arts jacket, he is fair haired, fairly tall and would have come across as rather arrogant. He had travelled to Latvia at some time and the names Peter and Jessica came through as a connection with him, they may be names relating to his friends or family members or he himself may be ‘Peter’. If anyone knows who he is please let me know and I will try and see what his message is.scaneuroman2scan euroman