FindhornLast weekend I held a workshop for people interested in psychic and intuitive art, it was a lot of fun but I was so impressed with the art and interpretations that came from it. I always start with practice of faces and seeing if we had any information about the people drawn, and to my surprise on a couple of occasions several people drew the same person and there was some agreement about the identity.
We then went on to shapes and colour, doing readings from the meanings of both, and once again everyone was surprised at how meaningful it was for them.The energy in the room was fantastic with much laughter and teasing but what was so obvious was the fact that everyone was relaxed and gaining something from it however good their art was. The building we were using was just a portacabin but is set in 10 acres of woodland, it rained most of the day but that didn’t stop the build up of wonderful energies that working with the spirit world brings.
What ever beliefs a person may have, allowing an open mind and a free hand in creative pursuits can bring knowledge and insights that may help them to achieve their life purpose; sometimes allowing them to make changes that hadn’t been thought of.
Art as therapy has been acknowledged through hundreds, maybe thousands of years, and is just as valuable a tool today as methods evolve such as digital art. Whilst the mind wanders through its creative dreams it can attract thought forms that blend and bring their input to the project.