What Would Thomas Paine (1737-1809) Think of Donald Trump

Thomas Paine was a ‘Norfolk Boy’ who went on to be one of the great revolutionary political writers of his time. In a book of his work he is described as ‘The First International Revolutionary’, although throughout the book there is a sense of his kindness and compassion for the ordinary man. He supported the […]

Colour, Psychic/Spiritual Art and Healing

Over the last few years I have written quite a bit about the psychic pictures that I do, some are portraits and some covering more unusual subjects. In the last year I felt very pushed to turn some of them into a book and the more I researched their subject the more I could see […]


Karma – The belief that actions, good or bad, will have an effect at some point in the future: that future may be in the present life cycle or possibly a future existence and applies to people, countries, tribes, all existence. Although many would dismiss or be cynical about the belief it can also be […]

Colour in Life Changes

Recent sad events have brought an end to another life change, which in itself has caused me to reflect back on even bigger life changes and how they coloured my life. In some ways it is easier to write about now than it was 16 years ago, and I hope that by writing this I […]

Is This The Real Life (or just fantasy)

I can still remember the day when the news of Freddie Mercury’s death came out and how sad I felt, so I have used his song title to express a feeling about present day problems, and what I have learned through my psychic art recently. In the last couple of years I have been receiving […]

Workshops for Psychic/Spiritual Art

Last weekend I held a workshop for people interested in psychic and intuitive art, it was a lot of fun but I was so impressed with the art and interpretations that came from it. I always start with practice of faces and seeing if we had any information about the people drawn, and to my […]

Learning Through Psychic Art

When I first started doing psychic art drawings many years ago I realised that I often drew the same face more than once. When I questioned this I was told that there are some souls or energies that like having a drawing done in the manner they see themselves, they will present themselves to an […]

Working With Psychic Art December 2014

A couple of weeks ago I was taking part in a local art exhibition and had opened my home to those that were interested. It had been suggested by the organisers that the artists should be actually working so that visitors could discuss it with them. I had been painting christmas cards and then felt […]

How Psychic Art Can Help

I would like to demonstrate here, how the psychic artist can help people with a project, or journey that they are embarking on. Recently I was asked to do a reading for a lady, I knew her slightly but had only met her twice and I was thrilled to be doing this for her. Prior […]

The Purpose of Psychic and Spiritual Art

Having worked with art as a form of mediumship for more than 40 years now, I sometimes am asked why I do it. I am not a trained artist but it has always been a hobby particularly portraiture. My spiritual life kicked off when I had a series of precognitive dreams that gradually became more […]