Working With Psychic Art December 2013

In my previous post about psychic art I explained that sometimes the same person is portrayed more than once particularly if they are trying to make contact with someone.This time both these pictures came through on the same evening and they are of different girls who may not even know each other.Something has sent these […]

Working With Psychic Art November 2013

I have recently spent a wonderful week at the Arthur Findlay College of Spiritual and Psychic Sciences, studying all aspects of spiritual art. This is an international college and attracts people from all over the world, which is a really exciting prospect as it allows a greater variety of nationalities and cultures to be represented […]

Colour and Evolving Chakras

I haven’t written about colour for a while but this year I attended a course called ‘Evolving Chakras In Completeness’ The 5 Awakenings Sequence to Restore The Light of The Soul, which is a product developed by Rena Jackson Guttridge SRN. Rena has studied the energies of healing for many years, and is an expert […]

Working With Psychic Art February 2013

I am now working much more with my psychic portraits than in recent years, and as I stated in my previous article, some of these portraits relate to people in other countries than UK where I live. To give these souls a chance to connect with their loved one’s I will do an article each […]

Working With Psychic Art

As I have explained on my website psychic art is a form of mediumship, and is one of the things I do. The artist receives either a picture in the mind and draws it, or an outer source guides the hand to make the correct image; this is usually a face or sometimes a […]

Healing The Soul Through The Colour Magenta

Most people reading this, who are involved in the world of colour and energy healing, will be aware that various shades of Magenta are becoming more prominent. This frequency contains all elements of the spectrum where it lays beyond violet and before red. It lay hidden until Geothe proposed his ‘Theory Of Colours’ in 1810. […]

Reiki And The Science Delusion

A new book has come out this year called ‘The Science Delusion’ Freeing The Spirit Of Enquiry. by Rupert Sheldrake who is an eminent biologist. I have enjoyed reading and owning this book, as I have several other books by Rupert Sheldrake and always find them interesting, and written in a manner that can be […]

Dancing Stress Away

A new style of dance that I have come across really helps clear stress and leaves the participant feeling good. It has been called Transformational Dance and in a way relates back to the theory of Eurythmy formed by the late Rudolph Steiner. We start very slowly to gentle music just letting the body move […]

David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Most people who are aware of  David Shepherd C.B.E. will know that he is a celebrated british artist mostly known for his beautiful wildlife paintings. Not surprisingly he is also an avid conservationist, and I have recently discovered that for many years he has run a wildlife charity which operates in many parts of the […]

Is The Colour We See An Illusion

The BBC Horizon programme recently ran a documentary called “Do You See What I See?” which was about the illusion of colour. Scientists ran a variety of experiments dealing with our perception of what we see and how it affects us. Firstly a group of footballers were invited to a penalty shoot out and were […]